When I fly international, I usually try to fly a flag carrier of the country I’m going to.  I’ve had the opportunity to experience the wonderful service on board Qantas, Air France, and British Airways, just to name a few.  On my recent trip to Italy, however, I was faced with the opportunity to fly on Delta.  I’ve flown with Delta domestically many times, and have been very pleased.  One of my more recent trips, from Seattle to LAX, the head purser greeted us with a smile and a, “Hello, friend!”  For my trip to Rome, Expedia gave me the option to fly Delta One, their business class product, from Seattle to Amsterdam.  From Amsterdam, I was on a KLM flight, which I’ll discuss later.  Spoiler Alert: I love KLM too!

Delta has a pretty large presence here in Seattle.  There are billboards everywhere, and it seems like Delta and Alaska Airlines own the terminals.  Check-in was a breeze, and I was given the option of choosing between two lounges to relax in.  I opted for the Delta lounge in the S terminals, where Seattle’s international flights arrive and depart.  The lounge was comfy, but a bit crowded.  It was Friday, after all, so that was to be expected.  Everyone was glued to the windows to watch the snow falling outside.

After a bit of a delay due to the weather, it was finally time to board the big, beautiful A330-300 aircraft that would whisk me across the US, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the UK, and into Amsterdam.  I was already in love with the Delta One seats, after watching some YouTube reviews.  I settled in with a drink, and waited to take off.


The window seats are perfect for anyone traveling alone, as they point slightly toward the windows to give passengers a sense of privacy.  The middle seats point toward each other, so there’s a little less privacy there.  Each seat has direct aisle access, a nice big screen for the in flight entertainment (IFE), and a seat that lies fully flat.

The service was PHENOMENAL!!!  That goes for my return trip as well.  The food offerings were great, and there was a small setup at the front of the cabin with little snacks and beverages.  The seat was comfy, and I never felt bored with all the IFE options.  I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about my time with Delta.  Actually, flying with Delta gave me a sense of security and comfort.  I had a short connection in Amsterdam on the way home, and jumping back on a Delta flight made me feel like an old friend was picking me up to take me home.

Delta’s partnership with KLM and Air France make it easy to get from the US to any point in Europe.  I think I’ll go out of my way to book myself on a Delta flight next time I have the opportunity.  I transitioned safely to a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Rome, and fell madly in love with KLM as well.  I’ll write more about them early next year…I’ll be flying their 787 on my way home from Edinburgh.

So, thank you, Delta Air Lines!  You’ve reached the summit of my list of favorite airlines.


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